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"Religion is a snare and a racket"  -Judge J. F. Rutherford (Founder of Watchtower i.e. JW's)
"The great enemy of the truth is very often not the lie—deliberate, contrived and dishonest—but the myth—persistent, persuasive and unrealistic."  -Ray Franz (Governing Body "Apostate")
 "We do not say that Jehovah is the correct pronunciation..."  -Watchtower (12.1.1950
"The Name is not important"  -Geoffery Jackson (Current Governing Body Leader JW's 2015)
"The Governing Body is neither inspired nor infallible." -Watchtower (2.2017)
"My People Will Know My Name"  -YaHuWaH  (by way of Isaiah 52:6)

ShalomaH! The peace of YaHuWaH be with you. We are deniYaH and deaH and we are joyfully blessed to Praise YaHuWaH. I  was previously born and raised in the full time ministry of the Jehovah's Witnesses organization. In fading from that religion I began to face the realization that the governing leadership purposely chose to not follow the scriptural directions of our Messiah. Followers unintentionally rejected our Messiah, being taught to "pass" on the wine and the bread. This rejection practice is remarkably similar to satanism and is anti-Christ in nature. Their governing leadership has waffled on blood doctrines, military service, UN membership, college, prophecied dates, friends and family shunning, and in recent years PEDOPHILIA coverups. That there are any remaining Jehovah's Witnesses is a true example of the hold religions can have on good intentioned people.    

Mercifully, because of a desire for truth but in a state of spiritual emptiness in the Summer of 2009, YaHuWaH lovingly revealed His Great Name, the Eternal Covenant and subsequently the true meaning of The Good News of His Kingdom. Amazingly, all the Prophets faithfully declared a pre-tribulation rapture for Covenant Keepers who would be immersed in YaHuWaH as the Name of The Father and the Son and the RuWach, thereby rejecting Sus (Zeus), Je, Ye and Hovah (Destroyer) Pagan Names. Revealed was not a physical Trinity but rather a Spiritual Unity of three unique and Set-Apart Ones all named YaHuWaH. Since then, we teach the Great Name for all Three and an absolute declaration that the Covenant Ten Commandments are 100% crucial for Eternal Salvation. ALL the prophets, the disciples, the witnesses  and most importantly our Messiah flatly declared repentance in exactly that. In Matthew 19:17 Messiah clearly states that "if you desire to live forever, KEEP THE COMMANDMENTS". This should be so simple to understand. Why do almost all bible books declare the examples of the Ten Covenant Words of YaHuWaH being kept or not being kept as the main reason His People were either blessed or cursed? Why do 99% of all the books declare the importance of HIS GREAT "SAVING" NAME? Yet religions have declared that both the Covenant and the Name are not to be kept any longer... 

For these reasons this ministry is designed to declare three simple things:
1. Salvation Immersion in The Great Name of YaHuWaH Father, Son and RuWach. (Matthew 28:19; Exodus 23:20&21; John 17:11&12)
2. The Requirement to walk in The Way of Love by keeping The Law of YaHuWaH or what we like to call the 10+2+New which are the Ten Commandments that are The Double Commandments made full by Messiah's Love Commandment.
(Matthew 19:17; Matthew 22:36-40; John 4:7-8)
3. Preaching the Good News of The Kingdom to encourage one another as Paul admonished. This "Good News" is  specifically the declaration that soon there will be a gathering of YaHuWaH's People PRIOR to the Great Tribulation and then the subsequent return with Messiah! TRULY Good News indeed don't you agree?
(Matthew 24:14; 1 Thessalonians 4:15-18)

When we podcast we work to keep it simple, truthful and above all loving. We believe that love is the binder that makes us set-apart to YaHuWaH. Because of this, we are a NO Donation NON-Denomination Non-501C3 Ministry. We will not ear tickle with once saved always saved nor are we part of ANY religion, cult or man made organization. We do not keep lofty titles but are simply scriptural seekers in The Word who work to do our best in Set-Apart declarations of the basic saving truths in the name of YaHuWaH and His Eternal Covenant Commandments.

We invite you to listen to our live or recorded podcasts and walk with us in His Loving Way until the day that we are all gathered together to be with Master for the great day of His imminent Return! 

Much Love,
deniYaH & deaH